Single dimensional, structured and numerical data sources often lack depth for discovering new opportunities or answering key business questions. These internal data sources contain metrics about key business operations related to sales, finance, marketing and etc.

Adding external data sources creates new dimensions and depth; enabling companies to look at the data from a new angle, unlocking new opportunities to make better and more accurate decisions.

There are countless external data sources and opportunities around us; geographical data, news/events, social media posts, public records, stock market data and many many more. All these sources could offer incredible values to businesses of different sizes; improving the economical, social, technical, structural aspects of the business.

Easier said than done; Additional data sources need new structures, algorithms and storage capabilities to merge and align with the current data sources; these data sources could be accessible from a software or a hardware; this makes the integration more difficult for companies with limited or no experience working with these data sources.

Merging and aligning multiple data sources requires the right balance of skills and experience to cover the full scope of possibilities and use-cases. In some cases from both software and hardware backgrounds.

MyFalcon Limited offers both software and hardware experience to meet your data collection, integration and storage requirements. Working with over 100,000 data sources in the past few years; We are able to help your company discover, merge and align structured and unstructured data for effective decision making and analytics.