Our Story

Fast speed wave of digital transformation and common data problems among businesses inspired us to bring our expertise together to solve data & digital problems in organisations.

Our journey started back in 2016, a trusted family team members of diversified skills in data science, data engineering and business analysis with the strong ambition of bringing innovation in analytics & empowering businesses to gain the high value from data to enhance decision making, operational efficiency, drive performance & revenue.


At the beginning of our journey we experimented and developed a various range of complex algorithms that enhance analytics & digital transformation processes. 

We experienced working in different sectors like oil & Gas, energy, insurance, health care & etc.Through our consultancy time, we successfully solved some complex business problems in organisations, implemented and delivered high value projects with high ROI in a shorter time with better quality than other vendors. The final assessment in one of the recent projects we were involved proved our innovative AI & Machine learning techniques alongside our fast speed approach in data science projects helped the organisation to generate three times higher value than initial estimation.

Our Vision

lead businesses towards the ultimate goal of becoming a data-driven organisation.