Helping organisations implement self-service and accessible Analytics dashboards suitable for different functions of the business.

  1. Finance
  2. Operations
  3. Sales
  4. Marketing


Pricing Analysis

Latest Data Science algorithms uncover buying patterns and behaviours, enabling your team to predict potential impact of price changes before you implement them, maximising profit from your pricing strategy.

Forecasting with AI

Develop AI-enabled forecasting models for more reliable and accurate account forecasts.


Enhancing Product/Supplier Analytics

Auto-matched products from different suppliers, enabling the procurement team to :

  • Identify which supplier had better delivery track record for the same product.
  • Identify which supplier received most number of complaints, so they could investigate the reasons
  • Compare purchase prices for the same product and explore saving opportunities. 

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Supply Chain Optimisation

Monitor key variables in your supply chain to optimise efficiency and reduce cost across different departments i.e. procurement, logistics and etc.

Demand Planning

Utilising historical sales data, industry data and economic trends into predictive models; allowing your team to make more informed decisions for resource, inventory and cost allocations.


Reducing Production Loss in Daily Operations

Identified related Entities in daily operational events to:

  • Identify  the most common reason for loss in production
  • Track the number of events or amount of loss related to each location, equipment or other mentioned entities in legacy comments;
  • Access the key information from anywhere

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Would you like to optimise your daily operations?

Our professional consultants are here to help you utilise the latest Data Analytics techniques to optimise your operations, contact us today to start.


Customer Analytics

Translate millions of online and offline data points to create individual customer profiles for every unique customer. Creating advance personalisation strategy that increases revenue, strengthens customer relationships, and improves customer loyalty and retention.

Marketing Analytics

Consolidate your social media and offline marketing data into comprehensive data dashboards in order to monitor and understand which of your marketing efforts have the largest impact on sales.


Social Media Monitoring

Processed around 20 million monthly articles from 10,000 data sources, enabling users to:

  • Find relevant content or articles efficiently;
  • Measure and track popularity of topics on-demand
  • Monitor trending topics and sources in real-time in one place

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Sales Data Analysis

Measure and identify your highest revenue accounts, bestselling products, top team members end etc. You can use the most updated data to determine exactly who to target and when.

Customer Segmentation

Use Machine Learning to segment your customers or accounts, uncovering opportunities for growth, up-selling, and cross-selling.

Match suitable products to audiences more effectively by enhancing your existing data with third-party demographics and consumer preference data.

Next Best Product Recomendation

Use purchase history and seasonal trends to create personalised product or action recommendations for your customers. Offer targeted incentives to likely buyers to increase spend, buying frequency, and conversions that increase sales.

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