In addition to our Digital Transformation and Analytics services, our Data Science and AI experts can help your organisation discover hidden trends and insights from numerical, text, image and video content from your data.

Text Analytics

Unstructured data like text are often main ways of communicating in a daily operation of your organisation. From daily management reports, to marketing material to customer complaints or feedback, these are few of unstructured data captured in your organisation. but do you have an appropriate technology to extract value from these precious assets?

Our expert team has helped many organisations to extract valuable insights from their text data, these are common use of text analytics in practice:

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Named Entity Recognition
  • Text Classification 
  • Topic Extraction

Contact us today to assess how Text Analytics can be help your organisation.


Reducing Production Loss in Daily Operations using AI

Bespoke Language model was created to identify related Entities in daily operational events, to:

  • Identify  the most common reason for loss in production
  • Track the number of events or amount of loss related to each location, equipment or other mentioned entities in legacy comments
  • Access the key information from anywhere

Image & Video Analytics

Image and Video are other types of unstructured data which are often difficult to extract value from, however, our experienced team of AI and Data Science engineers can help your organisation develop image and video analytics capabilities to support your organisational need.


Whether it is object detection in videos or simply an image classification project, we are here to help! contact us today to start.


Repair Cost Prediction for Accidents using AI

Developed a suitable Image Analytics algorithms which utilised Machine Learning and Deep Learning to estimate the cost of repair provided with an image of the car involved in an accident.

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Machine and Deep Learning

There are often times when off-the-shelf or pre-configured Machine/deep Learning libraries fail to achieve the desired results and you would like something more bespoke or enhanced to support your project requirements. Our expert AI engineers can help you kick start your project. contact us today to start.

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Extracting Value from Silos of Documents


Extracting Value from Silos of Documents Using AI

Bespoke ML technology was developed to automatically organise 100,000s of documents into relevant folders/subfolders enabling users to easily search and monitor important documents with ease.

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