Boosting Progress & Safety Reporting Using AI

Enabled the senior Oil & Gas managers to track and monitor :

– Common causes & length of delay to project per region/site 
– Health & Safety incidents on each site 
– Overview of progress reports by managers on different projects, sites and regions

Enhancing Product/Supplier Analytics

Auto-matched products from different suppliers, enabling the procurement team to :

– Identify which supplier had better delivery track record for the same product.
– Identify which supplier received most number of complaints, so they could investigate the reasons
– Compare purchase prices for the same product and explore saving opportunities. 

Repair Cost Prediction for Accidents using AI

Developed a suitable Image Analytics algorithms which utilised Machine Learning and Deep Learning to estimate the cost of repair provided with an image of the car involved in an accident.

Reducing Production Loss in Daily Operations using AI

Identified related Entities in daily operational events, in order to:
– Identify  the most common reason for loss in production;
– Track the number of events or amount of loss related to each location, equipment or other mentioned entities in legacy comments; 
– Access the key information from anywhere

Extracting Value from Silos of Documents

Extracting Value from Silos of Documents Using AI

100,000s of siloed documents were automatically organised into relevant folders/subfolders enabling users to easily search and monitor important documents with ease.
Helping the client save over £800K in operational cost and 5000 operational days.

Proven tech and innovation

Extracting content from Documents & Web

Developed a Web and Document scraping engine to extract the content from various data types including but not limited to Web Pages, External APIs, File repositories and Live Streaming Data.