Our Story

Realising a common data problem among businesses and the importance of data in decision making inspired us to bring all our expertise together as a family team to solve businesses data problem.

We strongly believe that data is becoming as precious as oil in the world. However, only those with the right technology can efficiently benefit from this precious source.

Since our team have been in the heart of technology and implemented many data use-cases in the past, we have set our vision to become a bridge to enable businesses to extract valuable knowledge and insights from this precious source.

We are very passionate and excited to go through your data journey with you to witness your success and growth in the coming months and years.


Our Vision

To help businesses to extract valuable knowledge and insights from Data


Our Team


Shahab Karimi

Director & CEO

Bachelor of Business Administration, Masters of Business Information Management

Henley Business School


Shahab was raised in an entrepreneurial mindset from an early age. From vocational involvement in a family business at the age of 12, until the time he became the main manager of the business at the age of only 17.

He was personally involved in the modernisation of design, production, sales, promotion and branding of fashion related products in a 65-year-old business.

He has shown incredible determination and leadership to introduce an IT infrastructure in an old business, having to deal with the resistance, acceptance and training of staff.

His strategies and innovations successfully increased productivity, reduced waste and increased profitability in the business.

Obtaining a Business Administration degree helped him gain invaluable experience, knowledge and skills in designing, developing and execution of successful business strategies for marketing, management and sales.

After his Bachelor degree, he studied Master of Business Information Management at Henley Business School. Gaining knowledge and skills in IT, Business Analytic and requirement analysis.

He received a BCS certificate for his outstanding Business Analytics Skills throughout an academic year.

Additionally, In recognition of his entrepreneurship skills and capabilities, he was endorsed by Henley Entrepreneurship Centre for his innovative idea and business plan.

His strong background in management and marketing combined with skills of IT, Business Analytics and requirement analysis helps MyFalcon to understand, map and align our client’s business requirements when it comes to data, resulting in more purposeful, goal-centric and efficient data analytics and decision making.

His honesty, flexibility and attention to details play a pivotal role in the successful execution of our projects.



Maryam Karimi

Co-founder & Data Consultant

Bachelor of Biomedical & Cybernetics, Masters of Cybernetics

University of Reading


Maryam’s passion towards mathematics and science was obvious from very early years. Her strong understanding and communication skills enabled her to teach friends about these topics from the age of 8.

Her commitment and responsibility in dealing with problems and tasks designated to her made her a trustworthy person with teachers, friends and family for various tasks.

During a Bachelor degree, she was mentored by the father of cybernetics Professor Kevin Warwick at the University of Reading. Her final year project focused on using machine learning to detect epileptic seizures. Hence, developed in-depth understandings of Predictive Analytics, Cognitive Computing, Neural Networks, Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering.

For Master’s degree, she developed a robot-assisted rehabilitation framework for stroke patients and worked on Big Medical Data Sets for EEG, ECG and EMG using predictive analytics.

After her studies, She spent a year working on developing complex data models for social behaviours using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing using Big Data and Analytics technologies.

Maryam’s expertise in Cybernetics, Machine Learning, Medical Sciences and Mathematics is an essential part of what we do at MyFalcon Limited. Her innovation, passion and commitment help us provide the highest quality and best-suited solutions to our clients.


Hamid Oudi

Co-founder & Data Consultant

Masters of Robotics and AI

University of Reading


Hamid’s journey in Computing and IT started from an age of 12 with a data-mining project involving cross-translation of 22 languages from 100 dictionaries worldwide. His fluency to web semantics and technologies is much better than his fluency in the language.

He once wrote a program to automatically write a program for his boring data entry job in 2006. He has been awarded numerous certificates for his web development achievements as well as working with companies in USA, Canada, Australia and UK at the age of 16.

He studied Robotics and AI at the University of Reading where his fortune took a major turn and he met his beautiful wife (Maryam) during his degree.

His primary focus on task automation, complex problem solving and machine learning helped him rapidly progress through his degree working with the best supervisors in the University Of Reading.

For his bachelor degree, He was part of a team who designed and developed a cognitive robot to play mini-golf autonomously. Subsequently, he built a robot from scratch to autonomously map and navigate rooms to detect hazards.

After finishing his degree,  he joined a multi-disciplinary research and development team working on projects involving medical, education and privacy projects across different European countries. Considering all of the projects he has completed, he has proved that no matter what kind of challenges come along, he always find the best solution for it.

With over 13 years of experience in various computing and IT projects; his desire, skills and experiences will help MyFalcon to find the best solutions for projects involving Complex Mechanics, Mathematics, AI, Big Data and Robotics.