As part of on going operations in Oil & Gas, a daily or weekly report of progress was produced to project managers each day about the project progress, health & safety incidents and overall commentary of event on each period, region managers or supervisors had to read and report on the findings in the reports. however, it was a challenge for senior managers to track and monitor:

  • common causes of delay in project
  • safety incidents on each site
  • overall progress of manager on projects

It was an important strategic requirement to provide a monitoring capabilities to senior managers or supervisors to track one-off or recurring problems from these written reports, but they did not have internal technical capability to develop such a tool.


That’s is why our expert Data Science and AI team were asked to provide a suitable solution for this problem. Our team developed bespoke Document Scraping and Natural Language Processing capabilities to enable the senior managers to track and monitor :

  • Common causes & length of delay to project per region/site
  • Health & Safety incidents on each site
  • Overview of progress reports by managers on different projects, sites and regions

Do you manually extract and analyse the progress of dozens of projects each week?

Our professional consultants can help you automate the analysis and data collection from project progress reports, contact us today to start.

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