Professionals are aware that writing regular blogs and article significantly boosts their chance of generating leads and promoting their services but they often struggle to :

    • Find relevant trending topics to write about
    • Find the time to blog regularly or do not own a blog
    • Fail to find mixed content types for their articles

Utilising our years of expertise in Social Media Analytics and Web Scraping technologies, We have created a Content Curation Platform which helps the users Discover, Organise and Publish blog posts in minutes.


Step 1 Scraping Web and Social media

Developed an automated scraping technology to extract published content from relevant data sources during the day.

Step 2 Understanding the content

Used advanced Natural Language Processing techniques to understand the key context of the text in the articles collected.

Step 3 Storing the content

Transformed the text data into a database, making the content consistent, searchable and accessible for use.

Step 4 Visualise and interact with the results

Designed a single platform to search and interact with the data.


Providing access to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube and 10,000 News Agencies, users were able to:

    • Find relevant trending topics to write about
    • To blog regularly and own their own free blog page
    • Find mixed content types for their articles on the platform or on the go


Do you spend long time collecting data from multiple sources, then analyse it and report base on the insights? 

We can help your team automatically monitor, collect and analyse multiple data sources.

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