Realising the growing problem with amount of noise and unrelated content on Social Media, News Agencies and Blogs, We started working with Social Media Managers, Marketing teams and content writers to understand the most common issues they face during their daily operations, we found out that majority of these target group were often struggling to:

    • Find relevant content or articles effectively
    • Measure and track popularity of topics on-demand
    • Monitor trending topics and sources in real-time in one place

Our team of expert Data Scientists and Data Engineering worked tirelessly to create an automated content monitoring, discovery and curation technology to allow stakeholders to automatically track 10,000 of data sources in one place.


MyFalcon’s powerful Language Processing engine utilised the latest Text Analytics technologies to extract the sentiment, popularity and topics discussed in the content of each conversation, article or document shared online.

At least 20 million monthly articles from 10,000 data sources were monitored and processed automatically, enabling users to:

    • Find relevant content or articles efficiently.
    • Measure and track popularity of topics on-demand
    • Monitor trending topics and sources in real-time in one place

In addition to the ability of reading millions of documents per day which created a large time and cost saving for Social media managers and content creators, our solution provided the following estimated value*:

    • 40x more articles monitored and filtered per topic per day
    • Around 40% less time spent reading articles per day, assuming that top 10 results suggested by the solution were sufficient for content creation
    • around £100 saving per topic per day

*  Average number of articles a social media manager or content writer can read during the curation of content is around 25 articles per day in relation to a topic, on average 10 minutes per article, their average hourly rate is £40. The created solution on average processed at least 1000 per topic per day; and top 10 results were usually the summary of the topic/event/news on the day,

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