Boosting Progress & Safety Reporting Using AI

Enabled the senior Oil & Gas managers to track and monitor :

– Common causes & length of delay to project per region/site 
– Health & Safety incidents on each site 
– Overview of progress reports by managers on different projects, sites and regions

Identifying Saving Opportunities using Smart Spend Analytics

Auto-categorised spending based on the historical data in the client database. 

Complete categorisation enabled the procurement team to:

-Have better overview of spending in more granular level
– Identify saving opportunities with suppliers in each category

Reducing Production Loss in Daily Operations using AI

Identified related Entities in daily operational events, in order to:
– Identify  the most common reason for loss in production;
– Track the number of events or amount of loss related to each location, equipment or other mentioned entities in legacy comments; 
– Access the key information from anywhere

Extracting Value from Silos of Documents

Extracting Value from Silos of Documents Using AI

100,000s of siloed documents were automatically organised into relevant folders/subfolders enabling users to easily search and monitor important documents with ease.
Helping the client save over £800K in operational cost and 5000 operational days.

Social Media Monitoring

Around 20 million monthly articles from 10,000 data sources were monitored and processed automatically, enabling users to:

– Find relevant content or articles efficiently;
– Measure and track popularity of topics on-demand
– Monitor trending topics and sources in real-time in one place

Estimated value for this work was:
– 40x more articles monitored and filtered per topic per day
– Around 40% less time spent reading articles per day
– Around £100 saving per topic/day