8 Use-Cases of RPA In Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing teams spend the majority of their time for repetitive and time consuming tasks. Therefore, they only have a limited amount of time for targeted operational and actual sales to generate more revenue. RPA ( Robotic Process Automation) can be used to reduce the repetitive and tedious day-to-day tasks and bring more efficiency and creativity in sales and marketing. This article will look into a few opportunities where and how sales and marketing can benefit from RPA.

Price Monitoring

Technology has enabled consumers to monitor prices in the market and get the best deal in the market. The same Technology could work in reverse for the sales departments to take the advantage of Robotic Process Automation in place to monitor the competitors prices and adjust their pricing. 


RPA could help sales teams to save their time for operational and strategic work rather than keep monitoring the competitors’ websites to track the prices. Additionally this could minimise the error and generate more revenue. 

BI & Cross Functional Reporting

Gathering data from internal and external data sources in order to produce reports and insights is time-consuming and challenging. These data sources could be from competitors’ websites, events tracing to internal sales, purchase orders, cancellations, refunds and overdue accounts that require renewal. 

Monitoring, capturing and analysing all these data leads to multiple local spreadsheets and manual tasks which consume a big chunk of the daily time in sales and marketing teams. However, using RPA to automate some of these tedious tasks can save more time , reduce errors, and increase efficiency in operational tasks.Additionally, having RPA in place not only brings efficiency in direct sales and marketing but also the supply chain could benefit from this by being synchronised with real-time supply and demand data.

Opportunity Tracking

Monitoring bid sites for new opportunities/ RFPs is time consuming for the sales team. RPA can automatically monitor these sites for RFPs and capture them as soon as they become available and notify the sales team. 

Once RPA is looking for the new opportunities, sending automated notifications to the right person in charge will help the team to focus on other operational and strategic tasks.

Lead Generation & Lead Nurturing

Finding new leads and entering the contact details into lists manually is a very time consuming task whereas this manual data entries can be replaced by RPA in order to generate more leads and maximise time efficiency for sales actions. 

Not only lead generation can be an overwhelming task but also lead nurturing could add more hassles and effort. Often organisations struggle to drive the best usage out of the important contact lists efficiently. RPA can be implemented to help :

  • Automatically manage the mailing list 
  • Send promotion or vouchers to the targeted contacts 
  • Automatic responses and directing the notification to the right person

Quoting process Automation

Generating sales quotes takes noticeable time for the sales team from the quote valuation to recording the final quote in multiple systems such as ERP and CRM to informing the customers . This could be a tedious task for the sales team and also they could only serve limited customers per hour.The RPA system could automate the quoting process to tackle this issue and help to provide the service to more customers.

Different Data Sources & Formats

Gathering data from different sources and formats, and entering those data manually can be time consuming and erroneous. Additionally, capturing these data and insights may cause duplicate files like excel and often loss of data due to different locations where the data was saved.This problem is fairly common in sales and marketing which can be replaced by using RPA to capture all the necessary data from different formats and sources and enter to the CRM systems. 

Social Media Monitoring

Information overload on social media has made it even more challenging and difficult for marketers and social media managers to monitor trends, find relevant contents, listen to targeted conversations, create effective contents and act on the real time events without missing other opportunities. RPA can be used to minimise the pressure of these tedious tasks and maximise the efficiency.

Legacy System & Data

Transitioning from legacy to new systems and technologies are a key issues for sales and marketing teams. Organisations are not only concerned about the adoption and smooth transitions they are also concerned about the time consuming task of manually entering legacy data to new systems. Robotic Process Automation can offer the smooth, accurate and fast data and system transitions. 

In Summary

Reducing the amount of tedious tasks will result in happier employees and they can focus on more valuable work . This can generate more sales and consequently more revenue while improving the customer satisfaction. Since the core of any business relies on customers and sales, this could be a heavy weight for sales and marketing team to lift with a maximum proficiency, without technical expertise and experience.

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