Modern businesses collect data on a day-to-day basis to improve their services. There are incredible value and insights in the data which are often undetected or ignored due to lack of suitable analytical techniques.

Businesses who fail to utilise the suitable analytical techniques tend to miss new opportunities, waste budget on inefficient operations and fail to make key decisions accurately.

Data analytics is not limited to plotting and visualising raw data points from sales, social media or website metrics using simple charts or graphs. To unlock the real value of data, multiple data sources should be used; these data sources may not be numerical data or plottable on conventional graphs and charts. They may be text, video and image; With the right algorithms, these types of data can be analysed easily.

Appropriate Data Analytics improves product design, marketing/promotions, customer satisfaction and business operations.

Multiple source data analytics is about understanding patterns, relationships and behaviours in the data. It helps businesses find out why they succeeded or what they can do to repeat their recent success or avoid future failures. In comparison to basic analytics that only answers what is happening or what has happened in the past.

MyFalcon Limited offers data analytics service enabling you to define key questions and develop appropriate analysis, visualisation and reporting techniques to gather and visualise insights from your data.

We are proud to use data analytics approaches that are well beyond the capability of human and conventional mathematical approaches. We use latest Data Science methods to provide advanced analytics capabilities such as:

  • Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
  • Machine Learning & AI
  • Text Analytics, Sentiment Analysis, Named Entity Recognition
  • Data segmentation, classification and pattern recognition

In addition to our data analytics techniques, we offer following services:

  • Data processing and dataset alignment to meet your analytics goals
  • Creating and designing interactive dashboards to enable visualisation and reporting of key insights.
  • Enabling performance tracking and alert systems to uncover reasons why operations succeed or fail
  • Appropriate integrations with Business Intelligence Tools such as Tableau, Qlick, IBM Cognos and etc